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How to Choose a New Hair Color

We’re all born with a certain hair color. It may get darker as we age. It might stay the same. But, the best thing is that we live in an age where we can easily have any hair color we want. We can straighten curly hair or curl straight hair. Wear it short or long. […]

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Did You Know?!

Did you know that you could become a Licensed Cosmetologist in as little as 10 months, or a Licensed Esthetician in as little as 6 months? It’s true! If you’ve been searching for the ‘best beauty school near me’, or ‘best cosmetology school near me’, then you’ve undoubtedly seen the John Amico School of Hair […]

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About John Amico

You may have seen the recent social media posts showing John Amico winning the Fred A. Piattoni Award for Industry Service at America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago. It’s a big deal to win something that is hard earned. Amico has been an integral part of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry for over 56 years. […]

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John Amico Honored With Award

John Amico was awarded the Fred A. Piattoni Award for Industry Service at this year’s annual America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago! John has been an institution of the beauty industry for over 50 years. He is well known among beauty professionals for not only his schools, but for his diversion-free professional products. Diversion-free means […]

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Matt Clair Class

ALUMNI AND STUDENTS THIS MONDAY A GREAT CLASS FOR MEN’S CUTTING. FROM THE MASTER- MATT. The class is FREE to all Alumni and Students. Plus CEU’s and Hours for all. This class is your continuing education to stay progressive with your cuts, colors, styles, skin care, keratin, business, extensions, waxing, makeup, and more!

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Check Out This Gorgeous JA Blonde

Our amazing John Amico BioVitaShine color – The Power Blonde Blue Bleach, ULAB and 20 Volume Hydro Enzyme Developer. It was a color retouch to Level 2 roots, then shampooed with Vitashine Shampoo and Conditioner. Finally, Minerali oil and Vitatone conditioner to pull out any yellow or brassy tones.

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Why You Should Consider Going to Beauty School Before College

If you or someone you know is graduating high school soon and is still on the fence about college and what to do in life, then consider going to Cosmetology school first. You can graduate from a Cosmetology Program in as little as 10 months. Let’s look at how that benefits you. First, it gives […]

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Certifications – Why You Should Want Them

One important question to ask when trying to choose the best beauty school for you is, does the school offer certifications. Certifications show proficiency in different specialties. You might earn a certification in different areas. For example, you could show you are a Top Colorist. Or exemplary in Mens Barbering. Maybe you’ll be great in […]

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Stylists & Estheticians Are More Important Than You Think

If you think that being a Cosmetologist or Esthetician isn’t an ‘important’ job, think again. Hairdressers and Professional Makeup Artists are the first stop for the models and celebrities before they can do their job. Whether it’s for fashion shows, tv shows, movies, commercials, photo shoots for magazines, etc. You get the gist. Nothing happens […]

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What Makes the John Amico School a SUPER School?

What makes our school a ‘super school’? When you’re searching for the best beauty school, you shouldn’t base it solely on location. Just because a Cosmetology School is close by, doesn’t mean it’s the right one for you. You need to choose the school that has the most to offer you. Let’s look at some […]

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