Cosmetology Teacher Education

Becoming an Educator is extremely rewarding. Knowing you are enriching the lives of your students and others. Teaching cosmetology is a great way to share your expertise and your passion for this industry that you love. Working towards earning an Educators license will give you another well-deserved certification. It will allow you to teach not only basic education in schools, but advanced education as well. Your license will also allow you to participate in Continuing Education classes in our state. You can also work with major manufactures in their educational divisions.

The John Amico Educators course will give you the methods, systems, confidence and self-esteem to bring your career to a new level. The chains and franchises are also looking for those that can train their staffs. The course will provide hands on experience in coaching and training others. However, like anything, it is up to you to embrace and absorb all that you need to go from a good to a great coach.

John. Amico does not believe in being a policeman and catching people doing something wrong. He focuses on the positives and praises students to elicit great performance. Once you graduate, you can decide what area you are most qualified and comfortable in teaching. The beauty industry is amazing! There are many avenues for those creative, goal oriented, disciplined professionals who never give up and focus on making their dreams come true.

Cosmetology Teacher Education

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