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Make Up & Esthetics Courses

The Esthetics course will train you for a large area of skin care options, which may include: Skin Care, Hot and Cold Waxing Specialist, Body Wrapping, Body Treatment Specialist, Medi-Spa Aesthetician, and Make-up Artistry.

Make Up & EstheticsThe John Amico School provides the up-to-date, technically precise and full range of education in a career in esthetics. Upon completion of our course, our spa ready students will have a solid foundation in the full field of esthetics. You will learn the medical building blocks for skin: its complex structures and its wants and needs. We will give you the required knowledge and education—theory, practical and creative —to technical and professional services common in the esthetics industry. These services include:  Normal and advanced skin care treatments, skin care history, skin analysis, skin conditions, and disorders, anatomy and physiology, facial massage techniques, chemical exfoliation, facial techniques, body treatments, hair removal, facials and electrical facials, skin treatments, microdermabrasion, hair removal, makeup application, safety and sanitation practices, and advanced facial massage.

Instructional Method:

Our Salon ready graduates will strive to surpass industry standards and assist owners and employers: to deliver high quality services, ability to increase income by up-servicing and retail sales, creating client relationships.

We offer the newest in educational materials, equipment and facilities to enhance the experience. We offer the use of audio videos, presentation/ demonstrations, featured artists, practical presentations, engagement, lectures and hands-on experience. We evaluate your education through practical and written examinations, assuring that you are well versed and prepared for the Illinois state board examination.

Esthetics Curriculum Overview

750 hours; 5 months full-time, 12 months part-time

  • Initial Classroom (“Essentials”) Training: classroom general theory and practical application.
  • Systems Concepts: hands-on instruction on special technical systems and science related to esthetics.
  • Practices and Procedures: clinical application featuring full range of esthetics procedures and methods.
  • Salon and Spa Management and Ownership: systems to perform site selection, leasing, spa design, construction, hiring of staff, training, advertising, marketing and promotion.

John Amico Makeup CourseJohn Amico is proud to announce that they have also partnered with internationally known Make-Up Designory to become a Certified MUD Partner School and offer courses from their studio course series.

From its humble beginnings, Make-up Designory has grown to become the largest educational system exclusively focused on make-up artist training. A strict adherence to educational standards, curriculum development and teacher training has helped to create a standard form of make-up education that can be found in classrooms around the world. The same curriculum, high standards and MUD-certified teachers can be found in MUD's main campuses in New York and Los Angeles, through their network of partner schools operating in the United States or internationally in MUD Studios.

In the United States, MUD has partnered with a number of beauty schools in local markets to deliver MUD Studio courses. By partnering with existing schools, MUD has been able to expand its mission of providing high quality make-up education in markets that were previously underserved. Teachers at MUD Partner Schools go through the same training as those that teach at MUD Studios and students benefit by joining an international network of make-up professionals.

In the classroom aspiring make-up artists and other beauty professionals are taught the fundamentals of make-up application and the theory necessary to adapt make-up techniques to differing conditions - from the retail floor to a film set to a bride's special day. Courses are derived from the same curriculum that can be found at Make-up Designory's main campuses, but are divided in such a way as to allow the student to progress through the various subjects at their own pace. The courses are divided into three levels: Level I is comprised of Beauty Essentials, and the completion of this course allows the student to move on to the classes that comprise Level II, which include classes in Airbrush Make-up, Bridal Make-up, Studio Make-up and High Fashion Make-up Trends. The final phase is Level III, which consists of Essentials of Hair and Portfolio Development. One of the unique features of the program is that students are able to not only choose courses that they feel will benefit them, but to take courses at different locations in varying cities throughout the world. While the courses remain the same at each MUD Studio, Partner School or Main Campus, traveling to different MUD locations allows the student to add culture and life experiences to their make-up education and artistic expression.
Today’s beauty professionals need to know more than hair and skincare, they must be competent in all aspects of their craft. For this reason, Make-up Designory has created a group of classes in make-up artistry to help students of cosmetology and esthetics and licensed professionals meet the full needs of their clientele. The courses are held conveniently at the MUD”s main campus, internationally at MUD Studios and proudly at John Amico School of Hair & Design as a certified Partner School.

MUD Studio courses are based on the same great educational methodology and teacher training that has helped to make Make-up Designory a bedrock in make-up education. The makeup courses are pulled from the same curriculum that comprises the longer programs at MUD’s main campuses in Los Angeles and New York, but are broken up into smaller modules. These modules can be taken separately or combined, allowing the student to transfer their education to one of MUD’s main campuses.

Make-up Designory has courses and groups of courses to meet the needs of beauty professionals. For this reason, all classes require Beauty Essentials as a prerequisite. All classes are also offered as continuing education for beauty professionals. These courses have been developed to build upon one another, so that students will benefit from the combined materials and the progressive nature of the curriculum. MUD has created groups of classes to illustrate possible combinations. These groups are designed to provide comprehensive training in various aspects of make-up artistry.

Beauty Essentials

Course Length: 84 hours

This course is designed as an introduction to beauty make-up with an emphasis on the techniques required today in this multi-faceted industry. Regardless of which of these areas students intend to work in, mastery of beauty make-up is a must. In this course, students will start by learning facial analysis, base matching and application, correction, and contours and highlights, with an added focus on eyes and lips. The course finishes with complete make-up applications ranging from one hundred percent corrective to natural make-up.

Gainful Employment Information

Gainful Employment Disclosure – 2019

This program is designed to be completed in 12 months

This program will cost $17,600 if completed within normal time. There may be additional costs for living expenses. These costs were accurate at the time of posting, but may have changed.

Of the students who completed this program within normal time, the typical graduate leaves with $9,833 of debt.

  1. Program meets licensure requirements in the following State: Illinois
  2. Program qualifies students to sit for licensure exam in the following State: Illinois

June 18, 2019

Cosmetology Students Earn These Certifications

  • Color – Students learn how to formulate and develop professional color and learn all the different applications, foils, highlights, low lights, overall color, touch ups and blocking.
  • Men’s Barbering – Learn how to do Men’s haircuts with shears and beard grooming/also clipper cuts, line ups, fades
  • Hair Sculpting & Design – Learn specialty haircutting and designs techniques for women
  • Keratin – Learn how to apply the Keratin straightening systems for all hair types and learn several different formulas.
  • Sew-In/Braiding – Learn various braiding patterns in order to do all types of Hair Extensions, some of the methods are strand by strand, keratin strips, glue ins and beading.