We’re all born with a certain hair color. It may get darker as we age. It might stay the same. But, the best thing is that we live in an age where we can easily have any hair color we want. We can straighten curly hair or curl straight hair. Wear it short or long. So how should we pick out the perfect color for ourselves?

We don’t look at ourselves all day. Outside of looking in a mirror when we get ready or have photos taken of us, it’s really everyone else that gets to look at us. We mindlessly sort of judge other people by their hair. If someone has a terrible haircut or color, our senses bristle. No one wants to be judgmental, but our eyes can’t help it.

No one is suggesting that you do your hair for anyone but you. Maybe you haven’t taken any stock in your look. As long as hair is clean, brushed or combed, that might be good enough in your mind. There is a perfect cut and color specifically for everyone’s face. It’s just a matter of finding out what looks great on you. How do you figure it out?

There are a myriad of ways. You may have seen someone in passing that had a stunning color. You can look through hair, beauty and fashion magazines. Perhaps you’ve tried a phone app that shows your face with different cuts and colors. Once you have an idea or what you want, the very best thing to do is to go for a consultation at a salon who specializes in color.

Here at the John Amico School of Hair Design, our stylists are trained to do expert consultations. They can tell you what shades will go with your eye color, complexion and face shape. We exclusively use John Amico’s BioVitaShine Hair Color formulated in Italy. We have 64 different shades, and with our color concentrates, we can make 5,000 different shades with it. That’s right. 5,000. No matter what color sample you show us, we can give you that color.

Here’s the bottom line: Our hair color services are more affordable than a high end salon. Our hair color is arguably the best and healthiest for your hair. Touch ups are an expense incurred typically every six weeks and John Amico gives you superior color at affordable prices. Come in for a consultation and let’s find your new look together! You’ll look and feel like a million bucks!