You may have seen the recent social media posts showing John Amico winning the Fred A. Piattoni Award for Industry Service at America’s Beauty Show by Cosmetologists Chicago. It’s a big deal to win something that is hard earned. Amico has been an integral part of the multi-billion dollar beauty industry for over 56 years. It’s very much like a lifetime achievement award. This man has literally done it all. If you know him personally, you know he is like the Energizer Bunny. People half his age can’t keep up. He sees everyone as a part of an extended ‘family’. He is like a father figure to many of us. Always giving good advice to everyone, because he has the experience to back up that advice. It doesn’t hurt that he owns one of the best beauty schools in Illinois.


Ok, so he’s a great guy. So what? What does that mean to me, you ask. Simply put- if you want to be a part of the wide world of Cosmetology, you want to learn from this man. You want him in your corner. You will never meet anyone as invested in worrying about your success than him. A lot of students come through his doors. Some are just not ready for the journey. They’re not mature enough to conduct themselves in a manner befitting a professional. That should never reflect poorly on this man. The students who are ready for this exciting path soak up all his knowledge that he willingly shares with them. There are so many alumni that would credit John Amico with their success. Many work with celebrities, own their own salons or spas, have created their own brands, and some have even become educators.


The bottom line is: If you are serious about a career in Cosmetology or Esthetics, are mature enough to focus and learn- then you too could become someone important and respected by your industry peers. Look at all Amico has done. He owns beauty schools. He has the oldest family-owned professional beauty product company in the U.S. He has created many of the most popular products that professionals swear by. He will teach you not only the technical skills you need, but also the business acumen it takes to become successful. It’s his name on that door and he cares that you will bring honor to that name. Remember: He started out just like you once.


Text ‘INFO’ to (708) 631-2521 for information on his Cosmetology and Esthetics programs.