Esthetics- Training in Administering Facials, Hair, Skin and Makeup

Esthetics Program (750 Clock Hours)
Registration Fee                                    $   100.00
Books, Equipment and Supplies                       $ 1,550.00
Illinois State Tax on Books, Equipment and Supplies $   155.00
Tuition**                                           $10,600.00
TOTAL                                               $12,405.00
** A fee of $14.13 per hour will be charged for every hour over contract

The Esthetics course will train you for a large area of skin care options, which may include: Skin Care, Hot and Cold Waxing Specialist, Body Wrapping, Body Treatment Specialist, Medi-Spa Aesthetician, and Make-up Artistry.

The John Amico School provides the up-to-date, technically precise and full range of education in a career in esthetics. Upon completion of our course, our spa ready students will have a solid foundation in the full field of esthetics. You will learn the medical building blocks for skin: its complex structures and its wants and needs. We will give you the required knowledge and education—theory, practical and creative —to technical and professional services common in the esthetics industry. These services include:  Normal and advanced skin care treatments, skin care history, skin analysis, skin conditions, and disorders, anatomy and physiology, facial massage techniques, chemical exfoliation, facial techniques, body treatments, hair removal, facials and electrical facials, skin treatments, microdermabrasion, hair removal, makeup application, safety and sanitation practices, and advanced facial massage.

Instructional Method:

Our Salon ready graduates will strive to surpass industry standards and assist owners and employers: to deliver high quality services, ability to increase income by up-servicing and retail sales, creating client relationships.

We offer the newest in educational materials, equipment and facilities to enhance the experience. We offer the use of audio videos, presentation/ demonstrations, featured artists, practical presentations, engagement, lectures and hands-on experience. We evaluate your education through practical and written examinations, assuring that you are well versed and prepared for the Illinois state board examination.

Esthetics Curriculum Overview

750 hours; 7 months full-time, 12 months part-time

  • Initial Classroom (“Essentials”) Training: classroom general theory and practical application.
  • Systems Concepts: hands-on instruction on special technical systems and science related to esthetics.
  • Practices and Procedures: clinical application featuring full range of esthetics procedures and methods.
  • Salon and Spa Management and Ownership: systems to perform site selection, leasing, spa design, construction, hiring of staff, training, advertising, marketing and promotion.
John Amico Partners with Dermalogica

Dermalogica advanced curriculum addresses every aspect of the skill set needed to succeed in our industry, from performing painless extractions and incorporating alternative therapies to merchandising for retail success! After graduation the John Amico School you can attend a convenient workshops around your schedule, ensuring you can learn what you need and take it back to your business that very day. Once a student graduates added bonus, Dermalogica business accounts are extended a 25% savings on classes offered at The International Dermal Institute.

At John Amico a Dermalogica Partnership School, Dermalogica and John Amico deliver the undergraduate support and training as a future cosmetologists and estheticians a competitive edge in their chosen field. This includes extensive John Amico curriculum overlays, and plenty of resources that help put our knowledge in the hands of you the student.

Dermalogica advanced curriculum addresses
Exposure to Top Artists

Exposure to Top Artists

At John Amico, we host our own National Convention, the Chicago Chicago Beauty Show, where hundreds of top stylists from around the world are invited. Artists come in and show the latest makeup application techniques. Artists that are specialists when it comes to waxing and hair removal. Artists that demonstrate microblading and permanent makeup. Specialists in eyelashes and eyelash extensions. This exposure gives you a well-rounded education which will help you decide which area you want to specialize in. The Convention is close to our Campus so students are actively involved in all aspects of the classes and workshops.

Gainful Employment Information

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Aesthetician/Esthetician and Skin Care Specialist