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John Amico has been an award winning stylist and Salon Icon; he is constantly on the cutting edge of fashion. His friends, family and business associates all share in his passion, as well as their own, for the Cosmetology Industry. As a John Amico student, our Oak Forest Campus is the ONLY basic cosmetology school, so we are focused on YOU. Our personalized training will teach you what’s on the runways today in cutting, designing, coloring, hair additions and texture services. We start you out on a fast tract. From Day one, you will begin to perform hands on workshops, working on your new best friends: your mannequins.

As John says, “We only have 1500 hours and it is so important that as soon as possible we train your eyes, hands, head and heart into creating image making statements for your personal clients. You will begin your beauty school education in level one, learning the foundation skills that will prepare you for real life experiences. In level two, you will begin to advance methods along with formulating, creating and applying color. You will begin to adapt the fundamental skills you have learned and add your own passion to complete the line and design for your client. Throughout your cosmetology education, you will also learn the latest American and European techniques. John has a manufacturing plant in Italy where he creates many of his products and Organic Italian Hair Color. You will learn “You Are the Greatest” in the John Amico self esteem training and the art of client communications.

As a Level Three, Four and Five you have breakout classes and certification continue in hair extensions, hair coloring formulations, hair cutting and styling. As students, you will continue to perfect your skills while preparing for your salon ready school graduation. Our classes will also feature business training, conducted by John Amico JR, who has his graduate degree from DePaul University. These classes are geared to prepare you for the beauty business or possibly owning a salon or spa. Thus, being able to focus all your energies into your profession is one of the most rewarding aspects of being a cosmetologist while “Enriching the Lives of Others.”

Remember, Follow Your Passion, Love What You Do and You Will Become a Success no matter what the adversity, objections or difficulties that your will face in life. Life is a “do it to yourself project.” Your Positive Mental Attitude is “You Can and You Will Succeed in Life and in Business.”

The John Amico Priceless Difference

Spa Services such as: Waxing, Manicure, Pedicure, Facials, and Makeup are also available as Certifiable Classes for a minor in these areas.

Elect the John Amico School and Get a Great Career

Are you ready for the Passion of Fashion

Can you feel the thunder,

the excitement of doing what you love and everyone loves what you do.

If you have the sense of Fashion, Line and Design, like to work with people and have a desire to take care of the needs of others then the John Amico School of Hair Design and Cosmetology is for

Here is what you have been looking for in the right cosmetology school.

  • The School Owners are a family which happens to be the oldest family owned Professional Hair Care Products Company in the US. The John Amico school owners are on site, which are well-known industry icons.
  • The personal attention you receive is part of the family culture.
  • The school’s staff is aligned with the student body. This close monitoring gives you, the student, a solid education, competitive edge and a chance for success.

Salon readiness is the goal of the John Amico School. Theory and books can’t make you a Star. It must be in your hands, heart and head. Job placement after cosmetology school is part of the John Amico School focus.

Ready for your tour,

Go on a tour, check out our fees and interview our current students, graduates and staff as part of your selection process. Just because we offer one of the most affordable tuitions doesn’t necessarily mean we skip on anything. Our products company helps cover the cost of some of the student’s education. The high quality education can be obtained for an affordable tuition fee if you adhere to our above recommendations.

The John Amico School of Hair Design is located in Oak Forest, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago. Directed by award-winning stylist John Amico, the John Amico School of Hair Design seeks to produce graduates who excel at salon services. For a free DVD on our School, Hairstyling, or Competitions call the John Amico School of Hair Design at 708-687-7800.

For more information about our graduation rates, the median debt of students who complete the program and other important information, visit the Consumer Information page on our website.

To learn more about our Cosmetology training courses click here to sign up for a complimentary career information kit and a no obligation consultation with one of our admissions professionals.