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Get trained at one of the Best Celebrity Stylist Cosmetology Schools for a Fabulous Career in Beauty Industry

Hollywood is a dream for many and those who aspire to be a part of it, but there are only be a finite number of people that actually become the stars, and the rest are just the strugglers. However, it is a notable fact that acting is just one small part of Hollywood, and there […]

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Skyrocket your Esthetician career with education from the finest Skin Care Training School

The very first thing that comes into view when we notice someone is their skin. Everyone in the world has a special skin, very different from all others, but skin can broadly be categorized according to color, texture, smoothness, softness, glow, distribution of pores and many other factors. Whenever we see radiant skin, we often […]

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Find Your Dream Career with the Best Cosmetology School in Chicago

Cosmetology is one of the most sought after branches of career these days. Being a dynamic and lucrative line of career in a recession free industry, Cosmetology has garnered the interest of more young fashion minded men and woman than ever before. However, the only way to be successful in this field is to find […]

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John Amico Jr, President

John Amico Jr, President If you were a roommate of John Amico, Jr. during his college days, you could get a beer and a haircut for $5 on Friday afternoons in his dormitory. Amico had already decided to make a career in the hair industry at an early age, having grown up in the business […]

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