The very first thing that comes into view when we notice someone is their skin. Everyone in the world has a special skin, very different from all others, but skin can broadly be categorized according to color, texture, smoothness, softness, glow, distribution of pores and many other factors. Whenever we see radiant skin, we often find ourselves wondering what kind of care they are giving it. To get best skin care possible, people choose trained professionals, which make this field a lucrative career opportunity.

The John Amico School of Hair Design is the finest Skin Care Training School in Illinois that offers complete training and education in skin care, which is required to have a successful career in this industry. As an esthetics student at the John Amico School of Hair Design, you get to learn the medical building blocks for skin: its complex structures and the care it needs. You also gain knowledge and training —theory, practical and creative — to technical and professional services that are common in the esthetics business, as well as acquaintance with the upcoming trends and technology in this recession-free industry. The special services that you get to learn in this program include normal and advanced skin care treatments, skin care history and analysis, skin conditions and disorders, anatomy and physiology of skin, facial massage techniques, chemical exfoliation, facial techniques and electrical facials, body treatments, skin treatments, hair removal, microdermabrasion, safety and sanitation practices, and advanced makeup application.

Along with the basic knowledge of business management, special lectures by industry pros and opportunities to bring out the creativity. The John Amico School of Hair Design presents the perfect education for those seeking a prosperous career.