Hollywood is a dream for many and those who aspire to be a part of it, but there are only be a finite number of people that actually become the stars, and the rest are just the strugglers. However, it is a notable fact that acting is just one small part of Hollywood, and there is a whole little world in Hollywood that is supported by other jobs, like production teams, behind the camera teams, costume and make-up teams. There is a huge complete industry of celebrity stylists, who thrive on creating new looks for the actors and performers, making them famous, hence, having a rewarding careers themselves. These stylists are dedicated professionals who have gotten education from reputed schools and have made their careers by their hard work and creativity, which can be equally inspiring as a ‘celebrity’ career.

If you also want to become a celebrity stylist, then the John Amico School of Hair Design is the wisest choice. The John Amico School of Hair Design is a renowned celebrity stylist cosmetology school that is run by the famous celebrity stylist, Mr. John Amico Sr. In this school, there are many courses that are dedicated to a particular field of expertise, like hair styling, cosmetology and professional makeup design, esthetics and Medi-spa, nail technology, etc. that help the candidates to polish the related skills and develop business acumen, for a fruitful career as a celebrity stylist. With a talented trainer faculty for skill development, and business development guest lectures by Mr. John Amico Jr., this is an amazing place to lay the foundation of a much brighter future.

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Check and find out the shows that we alumni working on like Chelo for Art, Ortensa, Ariel… more powerful will real names and shows. See Sue and Johnny did an interview and Jontue videoed it. Maybe that should go on YouTube.