Having a bright career in the beauty industry is something that everyone wants. Getting to spend time
with celebrities and giving them the looks they eventually get famous for is the ultimate dream of all the
aspirants of this field. But, not all the aspirants get to fulfill their dream. However, if you get into the right beauty school in Chicago, you might be able to actually realize this dream with hard work and

The way forward starts with selecting a course that you feel that you would understand well, and have the required qualities like; attention to detail, creativity, knack of ‘what looks good’, and the sense to recognize what could become the next big thing. Celebrities look for someone who can give them an iconic, one of a kind look. Think Jennifer Aniston and her famed bob. Or anyone whose hairstyle is known well, like Kate Gosselin’s. Their Stylist gave them that look and everyone goes crazy wanting to look the same way.

The next step is to find the beauty school that can offer you the training in world class beauty services
that is much sought after by the fashion and entertainment industry. After you find your niche and
graduate from the best beauty school, you need to make connections that lead you to great opportunities.
If you have graduated from the right beauty school, then you’d have already made these connections.
The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Aesthetics offers great programs in different fields of specialization, and business studies are added as a mandatory part of the curriculum. This prepares
students for the future business that they might want to set up, and client retention at any place of

The beauty shows like ‘Chicago Chicago’ gives them an unparalleled opportunity of exhibiting their
talent and creativity through their work, and also score relationship points of the pros of the industry,
who are invited by the school.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Aesthetics is not only one of the best beauty schools in Chicago, but it is also gives a great educational experiment of skill development through hands on practice from the very first day at school.

We invite you to visit campus and check out the milieu of the school yourself. Text ‘CELEBRITY’ to 708.631.2521 and we’ll show you the way.