What is a Lash Lift?

Lash Lifts are like the old school perms from back in the day.
It resets the shape of your lashes using a chemical.
It doesn’t require you to do anything special.
You can use a lash growing serum beforehand if you
want your lashes to be longer, but it’s not necessary.
You’ll want to do some looking at lash photos to decipher
what you want your end result to look like.

The Lash Specialist will cleanse your lashes. A silicone shield
adheres to your skin with an adhesive and your lashes are
then combed upwards in the desired shape. Then the perming
solution gets applied. It softens the lashes so they’re moldable.

The setting solution is applied, which hardens the lash hairs and
restructures the bond, locking in the desired shape.

A nourishing lotion is then applied, moisturing them.

Lash Lifts typically last from six to eight weeks.

You can wear mascara after a 24 hour waiting period.
You can also tint your lashes, but the tint will only last
about three weeks. Immediately after your lift, don’t
wet your lashes and stay away from humid areas.

The John Amico School of Hair Design offers Lash Lift
Certifications to its students. For more information,
text ‘LASH’ to 708.631.2521 or call us at 708.631.2527