Going to an esthetics school is the first step forward to start your career in the beauty
industry. To ensure that you don’t end up in wrong place, it is advised that you choose your esthetic
school carefully. Most of the esthetics schools in Chicago offer basic and advanced training programs in order to teach the relevant skills for a rewarding career. In most of these programs, schools choose to teach the academics as well as provide practical training to the students.

The courses typically include the following:
1. Academic studies: it is very important to learn the basics, only then you’ll be able to perform the
services on the real subject.
2. Demo classes: Demonstration by the instructor does not only teach them the skills, but the
students’ observation can help them learn the nuances of the skills, the ‘how-to-do’ it.
3. Hands-on practice: There’s a huge difference between learning something theoretically and
actually practicing it, so the practical training on mannequins is included in all courses.
4. Exhibition: Not all the schools have this facility of organizing these events, but those which do, can help in setting off a student’s career in right direction. Display of creativity doesn’t only promote healthy competition, but if it is liked by the pros in this business, who are invited as guests at these shows, a student might get ‘discovered’.
5. Licensing preparation: It is important to pass the state licensing exam in order to work as a
professional, esthetics schools in Chicago prepare the students for the licensing exams for the
state of Illinois.
6. Business Studies: The basics of business are needed to set up a spa and retain clients. For the students who look forward to owning a salon/spa after graduation, it is a blessing in
7. Work experience with clients: At the school owned spa, students get to hone their skills on the
real clients that drop by to get spa/salon services.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics is a reputed school who is very popular for offering the courses that are career-centric and prepare the students to be salon-ready, so that they can start their career right after they graduate. The John Amico School of Hair Design Spa, offers salon and spa services at discounted rates for its customers, and an amazing opportunity to work the skills for students.

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