If you’re interested in establishing your career in beauty, a career as an esthetician or skin care specialist
could be perfect for you. Today’s generation is increasingly making major decisions like choosing their
careers based primarily on what they find interesting. Especially when it comes to skin care related that
interests you, you also enjoy benefits like flexibility and rapid job growth along with huge success.
To transform your dream into reality, skin care training school offer educational paths that can move
you toward a professional life that’s full of exposure and surprising benefits.

A Career in Skin Care

When we talk about estheticians or skin care specialists, we’re talking about the professionals who improve the appearance of their clients’ skin in an environment that ranges anywhere from spas and salons to medical offices. Skincare specialists offer such treatments as facials, massages, peels, scrubs, wax or laser hair removal and masks to help their clients achieve beautiful and glowing skin.

A Cosmetology Professional Education is Important

If you have the urge to become a skin care specialist or ‘esthetician’, you first need to have a proper education. You will need specialized training for doing professional skin care from an actual skin care training school. Some esthetics training programs will provide you just a few hundred hours of hands-on experience, while others like the John Amico School of Hair Design will expose you to 1,200 hours or more of professional practice.

Choosing a Cosmetology School

Skincare specialists usually take a state-approved cosmetology or esthetician program. John Amico
School of Hair design is the place where students are professionally trained in hair design, skin
care, makeup, nails, and barbering. Plus, you’ll get the chance to learn alongside other aspiring estheticians and experts who share your passion for adding more confidence and vibrancy to people’s lives through revitalizing beauty treatments.