The John Amico School of Hair Design is looking for High Quality Students to be the Future Stars of Tomorrow.

What makes a high quality student you ask? A High Quality Student is someone who has a true passion for everything beauty related. Someone whose dream is to be successful in the career of their choice, whether in hair or skin care.

Not just anyone gets accepted here. Beauty school is not an extension of grade school or high school. We don’t tolerate bullying or laziness or childish behavior. Cosmetology and Esthetics school is for people with an adult mindset.

We are interested in people serious about their lives and careers. People who want to contribute to the world and have an attitude of “How can I make a difference in the lives of my fellow students and educators and have the best learning environment?” Those who exude a sense of positivity and want to improve the spirit of the learning process.

We’re not interested in those complaining about servicing clients, not waiting to perform sanitation duties and looking for issues to gripe about, like no toilet paper or hand towels in the restrooms, when they could simply go to the dispensary and refill.

We are looking for students who create a sharing and caring attitude that is contagious and never go around spreading gloom and doom. Like all cancers,  those with bad attitudes towards other students, educators, clients or facilities are not wanted. These types of people spread negativity and poison others’ minds. John Amico is not the type of school that will put up with underperforming people.

If you have the attitude of success, love for others, and a willingness to pitch in and make our school better- we want you. We want to help you up the ladder of success. We can help anyone become a good stylist, esthetician and but we cannot teach people to be nice.

If you want to be a  future salon or spa owner, you need to learn to serve others. Argumentative and egotistically individuals are not successful in the beauty industry. They don’t realize that owning a business is a team sport. You need to rely on others to help you achieve your success. Whether you just want to work for someone else or become your own boss it takes kindness, honesty and the desire to serve others.

However, you may have obligations that currently will require to limit your growth for a few months or years. What you want to do is all up to you. You could work from home, or from a neighborhood salon. You might want to open your own salon or spa. You could work with celebrities or bands. Maybe you want to work for a major beauty company or high fashion magazines. Or how about developing your own brand? Some people decide to specialize. They might just be a Top Colorist, Braiding Stylists, Makeup Artist, waxing tech or strictly do weddings.

The bottom line is: you can become whoever you want as long as you have the drive to succeed in the multi-billion dollar beauty industry. Again aggressive, complainers, history of quitting and being self-centered shouldn’t apply to our school. Yet, If you are a mature person who is passionate about success, happiness, and giving- then we welcome you to apply now. Text ‘INFO’ to 708-631-2521 for Oak Forest or 708-541-8527 for Niles.