You see them on social media all the time. You probably even know a few of their names. They’re called, ‘Social Media Influencers’ and they can be a huge asset to beauty companies. These Influencers have established a certain level of credibility with their followers who want to both see and hear all about things like makeup, haircare, fashion and all things beauty-related. For example, a young woman who makes a video of herself doing her own makeup. She might hold up the different brands of makeup she uses to achieve the finished look. She uploads it to social media platforms where her followers will see it and they will potentially want the cosmetics she is using.

How does she know all of this? Did you know she is likely a licensed esthetician who has studied skincare and professional make up? She has gone to school to be an authority but instead of doing a model, finds it is more engaging doing the hair, makeup and nails on herself. Her followers might share the video to their friends, and so on. This is a great ‘free’ advertisement for the makers of the cosmetics.

Sometimes, these videos go ‘viral’ and make the young person an Internet star, who lots of other young people go to for inspiration. You might have seen these types of videos and think to yourself, ‘I can do that!’. But there are many people out there doing the same thing. How can you get ahead of the competition? Well… if beauty is your passion, then you want to become an expert in the field. Assuming you already have the creativity and ideas, you want to present them knowledgeably. Esthetics is the field you should pursue. You will learn everything about skincare and professional makeup. Not to mention specifics like lashes and brows.
The great part is you can now do it daily and get paid while you are building your internet following.

Now you’re probably asking: ‘How do I get started?’. It’s simple! First, you Google ‘best beauty school near me’. If you’re reading this, you already know we are one of the best beauty schools in Illinois. Just text the word, ‘TOUR’ to 708.631.2521. We’ll schedule a Virtual Tour for you to watch from the comfort of your own home. We’ll answer any questions you might have. Scholarships and Financial Aid are available if qualified. What have you got to lose? Text us now!