You’re reading this right now because you have an interest in a beauty career. That’s great! The Beauty Industry is a multi-billion dollar business that will never slow down. People will always need hair cutting and styling services and skin treatments no matter what. Your job can never be sent overseas and no matter what the economy is at any given moment, people still need your services constantly throughout their whole lifetimes.

What inspires you? Is it seeing hair transformation videos and the ‘magic’ the stylists do with people’s hair? Is it the satisfaction of seeing the difference in a person’s skin after they have a great facial? Do you like playing with the cute and colorful little pots of makeup pigments? Whatever turns you on about beauty, you get to do it and get paid for it. Isn’t that the American Dream? Getting to have a career that you truly love and seeing it make a difference for your clients. There’s nothing more addicting than seeing a happy client’s face and knowing that in some small (and sometimes big) way you’ve changed their life. It makes you both happy.

Now you’re probably asking- ‘How do I begin my education with the Coronavirus in the way?’. We have made it easy for you to pursue your dreams of having a beauty career. First, you simply schedule a Virtual Tour by texting the word, ‘TOUR’ to 708.631.2521. Our Admission Representatives help you every step of the way to enroll. While we are all waiting for the end of the quarantine, you will start classes online in the comfort of your own home. Once normal life resumes, you will continue your courses on campus and receive your beauty tool kits.

Change your life with a single text. You won’t be sorry. Beauty Changes Lives!