When you think of beauty, what comes to mind? Does it just inspire thoughts of typical haircuts and makeup, or is there more? When you look at the above photo, you may brush it aside as a hairstyle that no one would wear. You might even find it silly looking. You may think that the makeup is over the top. The fact is; beauty is a fusion of fashion and art, and it has been for centuries.

Think about Cleopatra and her blunt cut and dark cat’s eye look. Or the powdered wigs and porcelain skin of both men and women in the 1700s. Fast forward to the looks of stars like Madonna. She had a look copied by thousands upon thousands of girls. Even her beauty mark was iconic, just like Marilyn Monroe’s.

So when you see a photo like the one we’ve posted here, think a little deeper. A photographer is making money from his picture of this model. The model is making money for posing with this hairstyle and makeup. Flip through a major fashion magazine such as Vogue, and you will see lots of wild hair, colorful cosmetics and different fashions that you would never personally wear. Nonetheless, it is an entire industry making multi-billion dollars annually from every day people like you and me.

Taking one last look at our photo, remember; a licensed hairstylist did her hair. A licensed esthetician/makeup artist did her makeup. You have opportunities to make a career out of your creativity, but you have to go to the best beauty school in your area. The John Amico School of Hair Design is one of the best beauty schools in Illinois. We have so much to offer you! Text the word, ‘BEAUTY’ to 708-631-2521 or click here for more info: