The John Amico School of Hair Design and Skin Care Training students learn many
methods on makeup when they join the school to pursue Makeup training courses in
IL. Plus, they teach their clients tips so they can do their own makeup at home.

When a person wears makeup, their eyes tell the story of what the look is.
One of the first things a person notices is the eyes. The eyes are the second thing to
complete when the makeup is being done. A cut crease is a technique that highlights
the line above the fold. The purpose is to make the eye stand out and make it shine
bright. There is a difference in the type of creases a person gets. There is the half
crease and the full. The half crease is usually accomplished with two colors while the
full is accomplished with just one. The cut crease began in the 60’s and many
celebrities wear the cut crease. It is a very structured look. If the look is done sloppily,
it won’t be considered a cut crease.

The John Amico School was voted Best Beauty School in Oak Forest, Il by satisfied
clients who love their makeup applications and pride themselves in doing the perfect
cut crease.

Fun fact about a cut crease- It can be any color that a person wants to make it. It can
be in any type of combination that a person to wants. It can be a light/dark or dark/
light. A few people may do pink and silver or silver and black. Most of the time the
base is lighter. You can even add glitter to it. Some cut creases can be done with up to
three colors. The cut itself is more so a heavy line. It is the most important part in the
look. The cut crease can also be done as a natural look as well. The curve makes the
cut crease a look. The deeper the curve, the more dramatic it will look. It is important
to have sharp curve or the whole look will not look right. The cut is the dark line
across the eye. The half only covers a fraction of the eye while the whole covers the
entire eye.

The crease can be done as an ombre. When a person does a half crease, that
can also turn into a smoky eye. There is also a double crease that is a more complex
technique that can be done with plenty of practice. The double crease requires more
space as well. It is not as popular as the other two.

The cut crease is making its way back again. The iconic star Twiggy started this trend
in the 1960s and it was a must-have then and very popular now. This look is worn at
parties, weddings, dances and many special occasions. It can be worn any time of the
day. Just like any look in makeup, the color can set the mood. The darker tones can
make it appear dramatic. The colors can be mixed with up to three colors. The curve
can be as deep as you would like to make it. The cut crease can add detail to many
types of eyes such as slanted or hooded.

To make a cut crease it is important to start on a nice clean face. When a client at John
Amico gets their whole face makeup done, the brows are usually done first. After the client has their
ideal brows, the eye makeup is done next. An Esthetician Student can clean the face with a makeup wipe. After the face dries, the eyes should be primed. The eyes should be primed with a nice primer. The primer is chosen by the student makeup artist. After the eyes are primed, the first color is then added to the eyelid. The artist then defines the crease. It can be a full or half. A half crease covers half the eye. The color should be blended in an upward motion. Blending is key in this technique. Blending gives the
look a very smooth appearance. Blend the eye shadow on top of the eyeliner. The look shall be complete with concealer. The concealer gives the makeup a dramatic look. It also covers up spots the artist may have missed. An extra step if wanted- a person can add a wing to the eye. The wing is a curve line that goes a little past the eye. The line is usually done in black liner. The last thing added is the lashes. They can be natural or dramatic. The more dramatic the fiercer the look.

The Makeup training courses in IL at the John Amico School also offers the trainee students
to learn how to do individual lashes besides the strips. Not to mention Lash Lifts.Lashes are one of the biggest services that are now in demand. To learn more about training on skincare and makeup,
text ‘MAKEUP’ to (708)631-2521.