The students at John Amico School of Hair Design and Skin Care Training learn many
methods on makeup while pursuing Facial training courses in Chicago. Plus, they
teach their clients all about the different formulas and chemicals in their cosmetics.

There’s a saying that ‘all that glistens is not gold’. The same applies to
cosmetics. Many companies are going to promise you that their product is the best for
you. Time and time again, trial and error proves that it’s not true. When we buy things,
we expect them to do the things they say they are going to do without a hidden agenda.
Yet there are times we react to products from the ingredients we did not know are
there. When a cleanser says it will clean our face that is what we expect. We don’t
expect our face to dry out or break out. When a moisturizer claims to provide proper
moisture, we believe it. Our goal is to learn how to properly take care of our skin, hair
and nails. We are told to trust the professionals but what happens when there are
ingredients that aren’t discussed or the company “improves” the product.

Makeup wipes are a common thing we buy nowadays to clean make up but how is
one to know that everything in the ingredients is safe? We really don’t. Isopropyl
Myristate is a popular ingredient in many cosmetics such as eyeshadow. Even though
that ingredient isn’t harmful by itself, it can be when mixed with other things and cause
potential side effects. A person with oily skin will see the side effects of isopropyl
myristate. Their pores will clog causing acne. Some people believe that a popular brand
name is better than the other. One product that claims to have pure ingredients is Simply. It
contains two ingredients that are not safe, Ceteareth-12 which is a sulfate. It is not safe
for the face. And Phenoxyethanol, which is a preservative. They are not the only ones
that claim to have products that strictly do what they say. I recently found out that I was
allergic to glycolic acid. I never had the slightest idea until I used a product in class.

A lot of department store shampoos and conditioners contain alcohols that will strip the
hair. Even hair bleach contains formaldehyde. That can cause a lot of damage to the
nervous system. All these alcohols that are on the bottle that they claim will help,
actually hurt.

There really is not a difference in expensive makeup versus cheap makeup. Both can
get the job done. We are just paying for the name. No matter if it’s high or low end both
contain things that can cause allergic reactions. Example MAC lipstick. They have
beautiful colors and they are one of the most popular lines on the market. Covergirl is also a
popular line but it does not cost as much a MAC lipstick does. Are all their products
pure? We genuinely do not know. We just trust that we will get what we are looking for.
So, what about the moisturizers we buy, do they really harm or hurt us. There are
alcohols in products that are supposed to make the product lighter but they can in reality
dry out the face. Alcohol denat can definitely cause irritation. Nobody really talks about
the hidden factors. All alcohol is not bad though.

A popular ingredient in things that many places have tried to cut out is paraben.
Paraben can affect growth, and the reproductive system. It is a popular preservative but
too much is not good. It is best to eliminate products that have it. Petroleum is
something that people used in the past as a barrier. A lot of elderly people put it on their
face before going outside in the cold. It contains a mineral oil that never leaves the
body. It can block and clog pores. Oxybenzone is found in sunscreen. Sunscreen is an
essential thing now. It has come down to the point that a person cannot even go outside
without it or face being burned. So, the only thing we can do is look for a sunscreen
without it. It has a reputation of attacking DNA cells. Potassium sorbate has been linked
to contact dermatitis. These are just a few things to look out for. It is important to avoid
them. Taking care of the skin is important because it’s our biggest organ and protector
from bacteria and other harmful things. Plus it is the only thing that truly makes us look
like we are.

The John Amico School was voted Best Esthetician School in Oak Forest, Il by
satisfied clients who love to learn about their makeup and skin care and pride
themselves in doing the great client education.

The John Amico Esthetics and Facial training students learn how to do some of the
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