Bet you never thought of a lot of these!

 Personal Grooming and Beauty is Booming!
Did you know an actor can become a director, producer, studio owner,
writing, playwright, be the host of a talk show ala Tonight Show,
endorse products, have their own line of clothing, have a band, start
Vitamin Water, own restaurants like Planet Hollywood and hotels like
Hard Rock and clubs like House of Blues?

Did you know when you get a license in Hair, Skin or Nails- You have
your choice of so many career options!

Here’s just a few!

• Hair Stylist
• Esthetician
• Professional Make-Up Artist
• Nail Technician
• Barber
• Salon Owner
• Spa Owner
• Cosmetology School Owner
• Cosmetology School Director
• Creative Director
• Permanent Make-Up Artist
• Franchise Salon/Spa/Eyelash Business
• Hair Supply Manufacturer
• Salon Manager
• Spa Manager
• Beauty Journalist/Writer/Blogger
• Extension/Braid Specialist
• Hair Distributor
• Hair Replacement Specialist
• Motivational Speaker
• Union Stylist for Movies/TV/Cable
• Platform Artist
• Beauty Show/Event Coordinator
• Beauty Product Distributor/Supplier
• Beauty Show Owner
• Cruise Stylist-Esthetician- Barber
• Salon Chain Owner-
• Public Relations for Salons
• Celebrity Stylist
• Celebrity Makeup Artist
• Stylist for Models/Photo shoots
• Web Designer for Salons
• Beauty Association Advisor
• State Board Staff for Government
• Product Designer/Innovator
• Beauty Company Rep
• Competition Stylist
• Make-Up Consultant
• Beauty Marketing
• Influencer for Hair, Skin or Nail Co.
• Nail Product Manufacturer
• Beauty Pageant Coordinator/Director
• Multi-Unit Salon Rental Suite Owner
• Medical Wellness Spa Owner
• Bridal Hair and Makeup Business
• Beauty Counter Manager
• Beauty Store Owner
• Cruise Ship Hair Stylist
• Cruise Ship Esthetician-Spa
• Nail Product Manufacturer
• Nail Tech Instructor
• Skincare Manufacturer
• Magazine Advertising Artist
• Henna Tattoo Artist
   and so much more!

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