Getting good nail art services in IL is not exactly an easy job considering that professional looking nail art is a highly specialized skill that not every nail tech has.  When getting a mani-pedi with designs,  it is feasible that you will get quality assurance from the professional as long as you go to a salon of good repute.
To ensure that the services don’t burn a hole in their pockets, people try to find a salon that is
affordable and provides good services as well. The most appropriate choice is the beauty school spa,
where the students perform the services, and they are affordable not only because of the lack of real client experience, but since they are way more enthusiastic about their work and are almost ready to step into the market, they are usually a good choice.

To make it even better, the instructors of the students, who are professionals themselves, help them in carrying out the services perfectly. The nail services here can be compared to that of world class salons as the students are being trained to work with them.

The John Amico School of Hair Design and School of Esthetics Spa and Salon is a great place to get nail
services in IL, as the manicure service here is provided by the trained students of the school under the
supervision of the capable mentors and teachers. The cost of service is also quite affordable and with a small amount of money, you get a perfect manicure along with nail care tips from the bright and passionate soon-to-be professionals.

Just walk in to the John Amico School Salon and Spa and be amazed by the talent of the young professionals.