Makeup is a precise art and even a small mistake can make you look weird, so it’s important that
you have a professional doing the make-up, especially for an event that puts you in front
of a camera. Knowing this, people often prefer professional make-up artists to enhance their looks
with makeup, which makes it a great career to have. In fact, many beauty schools offer dedicated John Amico Studio courses that are highly recognized in the industry.

The scope of a career in makeup is not limited to just enhancing looks, though. Makeup also plays a
crucial role in Hollywood for movies, commercials and photo shoots. Professional Makeup Artists are needed to apply makeup for the actors to look like the characters as described in the movie script. This could mean providing serious art that makes you believe the condition of the character. You may have seen the famous ‘Twilight’ series, when Bella gets pregnant and she was being sucked out from inside by her baby.  That wouldn’t have been possible without the impeccable makeup. Similarly, the art of painting a real looking wound when showing the aftermath an accident, or scary make-up of The Nun or Joker.

When taken up professionally, makeup design could lead to an amazing career leading to tremendous
success, not to mention big name, fame and money. The John Amico School of Hair Design is a great option for those who wish to pursue John Amico Studio courses and make their career in this multi-billion dollar branch of the beauty industry.

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