If not now, when? Do you need an event of some sort to push you to do or try new things? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution that you’re not going to really stick to? Most people make diet promises that only last a week or two. How about thinking outside the box in 2021? We’ve gone through this awful pandemic and just because we kissed 2020 goodbye (or kicked it out), doesn’t mean that we don’t have to think about how to have job security going forward. Despite COVID-19, the multi-billion dollar beauty industry continues to grow.

Becoming a Cosmetologist and/or Esthetician is an extremely smart move. People will always need hair and skincare services no matter what. No other country can take your job away. You can do it from a salon, spa or your home (if local laws permit). You can make your own hours. This is a way to make money no matter what is going on in the world. It is a portable skill set. It’s no longer about just finding a job, but a sustainable career that is recession-proof.

Aside from all of these ultra serious reasons to consider, there’s also a lot of fun involved. Daily feel-good moments of smiles from your clients after you’ve delivered a fresh cut and color. Or placed lash extensions. Or revealed the fresh skin after a facial. You literally change a person in a small (or sometimes big) way. They look and feel better because of your skills. They want to become your client. A real connection is made.

In short, if you need an event to push you, here it is. New Year’s Day 2021. If not now, when?

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