A Tale of Two Friends
Our Cosmetology Students Griselda Garcia and Tina (Lou) Moore started Cosmetology school together on February 9, 2016. From the first day of school, they clicked and became good friends. Griselda is a Mother of 2 young children and going to Cosmetology school was going to be a huge challenge for her. After the second week in school Griselda became overwhelmed and felt that she wouldn’t be able to complete the program. She loves doing hair and wanted to pursue this as her career to help provide for her family. Griselda has a learning disability and struggled through high school and was having a hard time reading and understanding her theory classes and book work. She expressed to Lou that she was thinking of quitting school and became very emotional and broke down into tears, working, going to school and a full-time Mother of 2 young children was too much for her. From that moment on, Lou took Griselda under her wing and told her “Stay by Me” I will help you get through this and will be there for you every step of the way! You are NOT going to quit! You can do this! And that’s exactly what she did. Lou and Griselda were inseparable. They were study buddies and they completed their basic classes and advanced to clinic floor training. They always set up their stations next to each other. Not only did they motivate each other to come to school everyday, they also helped each other working and practicing all the skills they were learning in school. They received all the certifications starting with Color, Hair Extensions, Advanced Hair Cutting, Keratin Treatments and Men’s Barbering! They loved working on all the clients especially the diversity of all different hair types and perfecting their craft and speed! Lou and Griselda successfully completed the 1500 hour Cosmetology program on time, graduated and are registered to take their state board testing to become Licensed Cosmetologists! It just proves that dedication and hard work really pays off! Sometimes all a person needs is someone there for them and know that someone truly cares! If Lou didn’t reach out to Griselda and offer to help her, who knows what would have happened! How wonderful of her to offer her help and kindness to a fellow classmate! They formed a bond by going through Cosmetology school together not only in friendship but they be life long hair professionals in the beauty industry. They are both going to have very successful careers in Cosmetology and the sky’s the limit on what they can achieve! Both Lou and Griselda are truly JA Stars! Congratulations to you both!