There's a famous saying that I'm sure you've all heard. Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; TEACH a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime.

I simply couldn't agree more. As the owner of John Amico School Hair Design, I have been teaching students how to make a career in the beauty industry that I have loved for more than 48 years. Today, there's nothing more gratifying than seeing the children and sometimes even grandchildren of former beauty school graduates walk through our cosmetology school doors. I once trained a 64-year-old truck driver who was going to retire and wanted to move to Florida, open a salon with his stylist's wife. All he wanted to do was to help her. I ran into him 20 years later, they ran their salon for 15 years, moved back, he had built his own clientele and was still working.

We had 30 beauty school locations around the US at one time and had been here in Oak Forest for 30 years. At Oak Forest, we have taught more than 100,000 professionals who have started their cosmetology careers with a John Amico education.

Even better, because of our very visible location on Cicero Avenue, we are able to serve the community by offering quality styling services (cuts, colors, perms, keratin, etc.) at very affordable prices. The mutual benefits are obvious the students get practice and the customers get great service under the watchful eye of licensed cosmetologists.

There's nothing more gratifying than watching a student who begins with little knowledge growing into an accomplished beauty professional in as little as 12 months. Many moves on to high-end salons; some even start their own salon and spas. We have had students become celebrity stylists and ALL leave with a sense of pride in how far they've come and more importantly feel secure that they are ready to begin the rest of their lives.

If you know anyone who's is ready to begin a career in one of the BEST and MOST GRATIFYING careers in the world, I hope you'll have them reach out to me at

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