Students are Performing at a High level

The John Amico Student Professionals are reaching new levels:

TV Shoot: The school was selected to be featured by the Chamber of Commerce for the Business in Focus TV Show. We held a competition for the show along with the Amico Amino Amplex on many of the clients. The students had models for styles and even worked on camera with their clients. The show will be featured on USA Networks, Comcast and Comcast on Demand, ATT Networks and the Internet. We had a great day of shooting and the competition was exceptional. Look for the show shortly.

Graduate News: Recently we are proud to say 20 students have just graduated and all are passing their state tests ranging from 80% to 94%. These are excellent new professionals that are a great catch for any salon looking for industry quality.

Students Body Growth: This summer we have started over 50 new future graduates and professionals. There is a very good demand for our graduates. Our staff continues to grow with a great staff.

Client Services: Each month students continually build great client relations and bring in more and more clients. The students are performing great color, outstanding highlights, & chemical texturizing along with exciting styling. In styling everything from extensions to weavings are toping the lists. Back to school was very successful with hundreds of cuts, color and styles done. We are now offering the newest Amico Amino Amplex Smoothing Treatments has been overwhelming.

The students were previewing their hair color work on the models for the guest artists at Chicago and Chicago. Here are pictures of students on stage and getting their awards.

John Amico (far left) with some of the school staff and students at the TV Shoot.


Students posing at the shoot.

Students performing color, stylish haircuts, and applying the Amico Amino during the TV Shoot.

We even have a "behind the scene" shot of the camera men capturing the students styling mannequins for the competition held that day of the TV Shoot. As you can see the final results were outstanding.

The competition was full of diversity and high fashion styles from front to back. Each student did a phenomenal job.