Perfect attendance at the John Amico School of Hair Design is something that is recognized on a weekly basis. Students in their initial training programs, (Level One and Level Two, 10 weeks in total), are encouraged to have a weekly perfect attendance. Each week, Johnny Amico and staff goes directly into the classrooms and posts a perfect attendance rally. Students who had perfect attendance receive awards and try to make all products.

The range of products could be anything from volumizers, gels, shampoos, and conditioners and even hand creams. John Amico manufactures these both in the United States and in Europe. These incentives encourage our students to stay focused on a daily and weekly basis- showing their behavior matches their goals. Something as simple as perfect attendance is what really helps establish the methods to develop and obtain goals. Students going to school for 10 to 20 months need the discipline complete their goals.

John Amico teaches them not just to look at the long term goal but to break it down into 40 to 80 individual weekly goals. Then recognize themselves for the itty-bitty little wins along the way towards the big goal, which happens to be doing great hair styling, haircutting, hair coloring, and braiding, then finishing the hours for graduation and hair design and finally, their Cosmetology Licensing.

If you can recognize yourself for the little bitty wins, it’s similar to a professional athlete being recognized in grammar school, high school and college for their successful behavior and discipline in obtaining that success. No one is an overnight success. That takes long-term determination, focus, discipline and goal setting. If you never get recognized for doing the little things the big things never materialize.

In the photograph, this is a group of students at the John Amico Expansion Spa Campus who are being recognized for their weekly perfect attendance and esthetics, skincare and make-up. These students are going to school to become skin care specialists, doing microdermabrasion, skin peels, Makeup Designory MUD Makeup and so much moiré.

Congratulations to our Esthetics Students who received Perfect Attendance Awards on Saturday, January 28th! Abby, Kesha, Ashley, Gianni, Selina, Jordan & Jessica (not shown) Keep it up girls!!! Great job! Perfect Attendance Helps Students Gain Success!