Students Outperform For Chicago Chicago!

Before, during and after Chicago Chicago the students did a great job locating models, preparing and applying color and in some cases even modeling. Many of the students worked directly with the guest artists at the school plus behind stage in the model’s room.

WOW: Their highlight was presenting the History of Hair starting with 1930 and working up to 2011. The styles, models and clothing was all presented to the music of the decades. The some of the students worked for weeks to create the stunning and historic looks. Each decade had the models walked the runway with the themed music. A special thanks to April Otto for her hard work in coordinating the Schools presentation.

Being behind stage was fun and different for many of the students. One example was Yenz teaching the models how to move and dance. You could see in their eyes they were not sure, but somehow it worked. They would get out on stage as if they had been doing it their whole life.

Many of the students were amazed at how great the educators were time and time again, I heard…”this was way more than I ever expected. I’m so amazed at the level of workmanship.” Eli who is a day student who also modeled said, “I’m so glad that I was able to be part of the show, I learned so much that I could not make it up unless I were there in the midst of the action.”

The graduates had an opportunity to grace the stage and receive their final graduation award. It is a wonderful send off for them to take their careers to another level. Having the opportunity to see these students growing is a terrfic testimonial to all of the educators at the John Amico School Of Hair Design. There were over 50 of the students who were able to return to get their awards.




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