Hair Performers re-launches with grand style in Chicagoland

Years ago John Amico Haircare built a very celebrated hair salon franchise known as Hair Performers with a spin-off chain known as We Care Hair. With more than 400 stores nationwide, we pioneered the concept of fashion-forward styling and full-service offerings. John began with salons in Skokie and later opened in the Sheridan Chicago at 505 N. Michigan Ave. However, the core base was always education and in 1965 John Amico opened his first school in Burbank and later opened a location at Ford City Shopping Center.

In 1972, John opened the Hair Performersa concept in hair styling that would take the country by storm. The salon had no hooded dryers and only hand-held blow dryers. John had been in Europe in 1967 and saw the Sassoon movement and wanted to get rid of rollers and make the haircut the center point of the client’s visit. His first employees were his graduating cosmetology students. He taught them the fine art of haircutting and styling. Styling was easy for John who had won numerous international competitions for his unique approach.

He recognized that haircutting was the future. He simply changed from big shears and razoring to small 41/2″ shears. Then, as cosmetology students graduated in 1972, he trained this core group to start what was to become the first large national chain of upscale haircutting and full-service salons. His first four students to become his Hair Performers Team were Nancy Koss, Tim Nettle, Mary Ruddy and Yvonne White. They soon became household names in Chicago. Then on to the rest of the country!

It was innovative. It was dynamic. It was revolutionary. Over time, we decided that the best direction for the company was to focus on our roots: product development (through our corporate office in Crestwood) and cosmetology schools (in Oak Forest) and 30 other John Amico Schools. We received an offer to buy our salons and schools. After 30 years of operating these large businesses, John agreed to sell. He has since continued to enjoy great success in his advanced education and creating the very best professional only products for our thousands of USA member salons to sell.

As part of our commitment to maintaining a hands-on understanding of our industry, we retained one salon in the Chicagoland area. In that environment, we are able to try new products, interact with customers and put our business philosophies to the test.

Earlier this year, we decided to bring back the Hair Performers brandre-facing it for the 21st century. The result is our new flagship location in Hickory Hills that opened last month.

Our goal is simple: to operate a location that can give us insight on what our member salons are experiencing and keep our fingers on the pulse of upcoming trends. We know that this is going to be a great learning tool for our companyand in turn it will give us invaluable information to help our membership, our students and ultimately our clients.

In this season of thanks, we’re very grateful for all this and hope you’ll take the time to experience the John Amico difference at either the John Amico School of Hair Design in Oak Forest or the Hair Performers in Hickory Hills.

The Hair Performers
9510 S. Roberts Road
Hickory Hills, Illinois
Telephone: (708) 430-4247