Amico Fantasy Competition

The John Amico School of Hair Design Cosmetology students competed in the Amico Fantasy Competition held on Sunday June 9, 2013 at the school in Oak Forest. Over 75 Beauty School students entered into 2 categories, 1-750 hours and 751 to 1500. The competition Judges were well known celebrity hair stylists from around the country. Marty Rizzo, International Chairman of Cosmetology School Judges said, This is one of the most creative competition I have judged and the quality of the beauty school student’s work is on the level of very experience top styling competitor. These 12 students won money, products and awards.

Competitions for cosmetology students at John Amico are meant to stimulate the creativity and technical execution of the student stylists. John Amico himself has won over 100 competitions through out the world in his early days in the industry. At John Amico competitions are part of his curriculum. As John stated this is all part of the learning process for a budding beauty school stylists. If they can think out of the box now, it will enhance their creative on their personal clients. We hold 4 cosmetology school student competitions each year and it amazes our educators how the beauty school students rise to the occasion. Miss Stacie one of the John Amico Cosmetology Educator said we see a nice improvement during the preparation of these events how their creativity transfers to the services on the school’s clients. John Amico recently celebrated his 50th year in Beauty Industry and operating Beauty Universities and is still going strong between his John Amico Professional Products companies and education. The Oak Forest School has been operating in that location for 30 years.

Now for the Best Part, the 12 winners have been put up on the John Amico School of Hair Design facebook page for voting. The voting will continue of 30 days and then the cosmetology students will win the Grand Prize which is the People Choice Hair Awards. The contest will conclude on July 14, 2013. If you would like to vote and the contest is still running go to

As Beauty and Cosmetologists students this is one of the best and exciting learning programs that show true results.

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