Men's Hair and the Barber styling sector are a booming business and salons are cashing in. Our Cosmetology School prides itself in teaching excellent Barbering School and men's hair cutting systems. Today, hair salon chains that are doing men's hair are growing and most of their staffs are Cosmetologists who learned barbering school skills. When our students graduate many of them also focused on men's cuts, making them qualified to work in these salons. However, our students can do both men and woman; they have a broad level of skills.

Understanding this change in the market we have now started an exclusive Barbering School course inside our current cosmetology school training plus, months of working on our male clients under the direction of our educators.

The classes are taught by one of our educators who has been a stylist, licensed educator, guest artists and a John Amico School of Hair Design 1989 Alumni. The Best News, she is a successful stylist who works several days a week in a salon cutting on average 20 cuts a day. Over 80% are men. Clippers, Shears, Texturizer and Razor are her specialty. Students are eager to learn how to do these cuts. This class repeats periodically so it is available to all students.

Men's Fashion Direction: Regardless of the age or attitude of the men, most will want texture for up coming season, because it's versatile, and it suits the new, longer lengths. While businessmen will favor refined, old-Hollywood styles—think tapered Mad Men cuts—younger guys will still only pretend not to have Bieber fever by calling their style “Beatlesque.” Urban ethnic guys will grow it a tad beyond skin-fades, while others will continue to give props to the Mohawk, Low Hawk and Faux Hawk.

Fashion is ever changing and so should education. No matter what the style of men's hair styling at John Amico Cosmetology and barbering school they have it all. For salons looking for solid students with good skills call Student Services at 708 646 3738