Visit of Steve Reiss to the John Amico School of Hair Design

Steve Reiss, the editor of modern salon magazine, made a very special visit to the John Amico School of Hair Design where he presented the future of the beauty industry to John's students. Steve discussed the current trends of the industry along with the changes that are taking place with the consumer. He spoke about how the industry is being changed by younger tech savvy stylists and the impacts they are making with new outlets for client communication. Stating that "our younger stylists are particularly valuable in salons today due to the knowledge they possess regarding social media. Younger stylists of today have an edge with social marketing and overall communication with clients which are good attributes seen by employers in today's industry."

Steve spoke about the many areas of opportunity in the beauty industry such as working for a major company, becoming a celebrity stylist, being an educator, a writer, and much more. He also recommended that stylists communicate with their community members about the important roles that we have and the professionalism of our industry. Too often people see TV shows like Jerseylicious and think we are all lunatics and crazy. Shows like these create a stereotype and poorly represent our industry.

Steve directed students on how to not only make a living but how to make a fortune in the beauty industry. It is a common misconception that a career in the beauty industry is not a "real job" but this notion is far from the truth. Steve pointed out that "many people who go on to get a bachelors or masters degree struggle to get hired in the area of their expertise, but because of the high demand in fashion and beauty, stylists are always needed. Because fashion plays a huge role on how people have perceived the idea of creating a personal brand/image has become widely popular." Steve also commented on the new ideology of looks and perception, by pointing out to students that they should be very careful how they brand themselves and be extra cautious about what they put out on social media outlasts because what you think is cool and appropriate at 17 may not help your personal image at 25. "Once you put something up on the internet it never goes away."

We were so fortunate to have Steve come out to educate our students and our long-term alliance with Modern Salon that helps continue the growth of JOHN AMICO haircare products, education, schools, and salons. Another great day at JA.


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