I just returned from the American Association of Cosmetology Schools, AACS and I was very pleased with the results of the latest survey on Cosmetology as a profession. President Obama has mandated The Department of Education to focus on making America the best educated people in the world by 2020. He wants the US to have the most post secondary education that produces graduates with professional certificates to college degrees. Cosmetology is one of those professions. I can say that a Cosmetologist today is more respected than ever before. The services that we provide, the lives we enrich, and the demand for our services is ever-increasing. It is estimated that by 2020 our industry will have grown by an additional 20%. In the US alone we are now a $60 Billion Dollar Industry.

The opportunities are endless and getting a license is only the beginning of a life long journey. I was happy to see many of my friends who are now the icons of the industry. However, they are every day people and we were once kids that followed their dreams who grew up with combs and shears in our hands. Just to look back is amazing… “What a ride”.

I would love to express to our student’s one message …stay in the game. If you want to have great opportunities just show up. The more yes responses you give the more open doors there are. Yes, to collecting tickets at a show. Then another yes, when you are asked to help behind stage, then another yes, when asked to assist on stage and then the final YES, when asked to perform on stage. Life is in stages; first we crawl, then walk and finally run.

Be open to give your time, learn something new everyday and life has a way of rewarding you…because Beauty Changes Lives.

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