JA Alumni Design Team Perform At Robinson Beauty Show

The JA Alumni Design Team, who are former John Amico Beauty school students, performed this past Monday at the Robinson Beauty Show in Southern, IL. Our cosmetology team, including Matt Clair, Eric Estrada, Miss Stacie, excited fellow stylists and artists with their unique styles and complex colors.

Matt Clair – created distinct graphics for his male model using a JA razor and clippers. His great rendition of the Chicago skyline and the Chicago Blackhawks emblem sure did impress the fellow beauty school enthusiasts and helped advance education about men’s hair design.

Eric Estrada – constructed beautifully loosely done, light and airy, evening styles incorporating 3 and 4 strand braids all while using the John Amico Hair Care products. Everyone loved the simplicity yet classiness of Eric’s styles and thought they were perfect for formal events and weddings.

Miss Stacie, who’s model was a nurse and needed a look that was conservative/professional yet trendy and fun, performed a great Ammonia Color Heads hair color. Stacie blended natural warm tones with 6 N 15 grams, IC4 5 grams, and IC2 3 grams calling it cinnamon, 6N 15 grams and IC2 15 grams calling it golden chestnut, and Bleaching sand calling it golden wheat, and then blended it all with 20 volume Hydro Enzymes. Through this complex procedure, Miss Stacie was sure to please her model and inspire the audience to think about color in a unique way.

John Amico was invited to do a Self Esteem and Educational Goal Setting presentation to help all involved beauty school professionals gain more income and better lead satisfying careers. He also demonstrated the Smoothie Keratin, 5 Step System, Eleven, which can have and has had a big impact on the salon’s clientele.

Big thanks go out to our great host and educational leader, Rhonda Murphy, who explained all about the new concentrates of the Color Heads line that has come to make a big impact in her beauty salon, especially with clients with gray hair. During our trip, The Design Team made a visit to Rhonda Murphy’s Shear Perfection Salon and Spa. The salon is inside a mansion built by an oil barrel in 1922. The salon has beautiful architecture, an elegant nail, and styling area, with decor that is absolute, is priceless. It makes for a breathtaking and tranquil setting for all the various spa services offered. The salon has a great area for John Amico retail products. This type of statement is why her retail sales are so high. Clients know that take home hair care is just as important as the salon visit.

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