The Making Of A Show

John Amico Haircare and School Shine at America’s Beauty Show

Once again this year, John Amico Haircare and John Amico School of Hair Design successfully combined our fantastic products and talented students to present one of the best booth’s at America’s Beauty Show.

First let me say that these young professionals did a great job introducing the Folliap Collection. The models were mostly the John Amico students and some of their friends. They began weeks before selecting models and preparing the colors. Then came the decisions on the style cuts. Knowing the Folliap Collection is fun and on the edge, creating the right cuts would be important. Mr. Ed and I, along with Miss Mari and other educators worked closely with the team. Air forming, molding, styling over and over to be certain they got the most out of their cut and color. There were three teams selected with three on each team.

Behind the scenes, our stage director Miss April was coordinating various times for the team to appear, when model calls would be and working areas. We decided that the models and the team would wear Folliap V-Neck Fashion T-Shirts with kicky tights and sport shoes. FUN, FUN, & more FUN. In preparation for the show, two students also created the Folliap Song using the old standard Lollipop, I love my Folliap.

It took three days to erect the booth and get the staging just right. The morning of the show, the models were in the dressing room, the stylists were excited, the stage was set and the first team was called to the stage. Over the three days, the performances got better and better and many professionals were very impressed with the new generation of stylists. Several of the TV stations came by and that was the frosting on the cake.

The exposure, the experience of having others admire their work was very positive and gave them the motivation and more self-confidence to be committed to the industry…hopefully for life. After the show, the school was a buzz for a week…students saying we were the only students and school on stage.

The following week we finished the video that we are creating for Folliap. The Folliap DVD can be played in the salon as a fun piece and clients will never know these are young professionals highlighting the latest kicky looks. We conducted an all-day photo session with many of the models and designers from the show. I encourage all owners, trainers and mentors to nurture your young professionals with positive experiences.

The Beauty Business is the greatest thing that has ever happened to me and I just want all of our young people to have a real chance at fulfilling their potential. If you are looking for great professionals, just call or email me and I will be happy to refer you to a Star of Tomorrow.

AbS Show Recap

For More than 80 years, America’s Beauty Show has been one of the industry’s largest professional beauty industry trade shows. This year, the three-day gala brought more than 60,000 salon professionals and 400 exhibitors together at this major gathering for all leading chain salon buyers, salon owners, salon employees, key industry professionals and beauty experts. The John Amico team joined together to highlight our tremendous product line including our latest introduction-Follicle from Italy! In addition, the booth included a stage that continually highlighted John Amico School students and John Amico stylist owners and members combining their talents, creativity and great products on models. The event was held March 3-5 at McCormick Place in Chicago.