It may be all snowy, cold and miserable right now, but it’s not going to last much longer. Spring is coming, along with that sense of renewal and rebirth, and it’s not about just the weather changing. It’s also about people starting fresh, making new choices for themselves. Whether you’re a new high school grad wondering what path to take, or an adult wanting something new and exciting, you should consider enrolling at the John Amico School of Hair Design.

You could have a career in haircare in as little as ten months, or a career in skincare and makeup in as little as six months. No long term education commitment. Invest in yourself and you could see a big return! A few of the things these positions offer are job security, (your skills will always be needed by everyone and your job can’t be shipped overseas), unlimited income potential, flexible schedule around your family’s needs. You can decide to work for yourself or with a salon or spa. Your skills are portable, meaning you can most likely work anyplace in the world as long as you follow their local laws. Some people make money by doing braids on the beach and you know it’s expensive. How would you like that to be your career?! Sitting on a beach all day somewhere tropical and just do what you know how to do. Ahhh….

You get the point. Having a Cosmetology or Esthetics License gives you so many opportunities. Not just the one or two you think about. There are over 75 different paths you can take. If you’d like to talk with us about it, text ‘ASK’ to 708-631-2521 and we will take you on a free online virtual Zoom tour. You don’t even have to leave your comfy chair. We look forward to meeting you and taking your questions!

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