Who is going to be on your Power Team?


What’s a Power Team, you ask? It’s two or more people who enroll in beauty school together! Here are some of the teams the John Amico School of Hair Design has had:


  • Best Friends
  • Sisters
  • Brothers
  • Mothers and Daughters
  • Fathers and Daughters
  • Husbands and Wives
  • Mothers and Sons
  • Fathers and Sons


We’ve even had identical twins! How fun is that?! Not only do you gain a study buddy, but someone you can eventually go into business with. You can create a brand together. Open a salon or spa together. Create products together. The opportunities are endless! It’s a wonderful thing when family members join together to create a business that could be passed down through generations. Make your mark in 2021! Text ‘TEAM’ to 708-631-2521 now and schedule a free online virtual Zoom tour for you and your team!