An esthetician is supposed to know how to perform various esthetics services like skin care treatments,
cleansing, exfoliating, and polishing the skin, body treatments, basic and advanced facials, non-
therapeutic massage, hair removal by waxing, depilatators, and tweezer methods, medi-spa services,
microdermabrasion, superficial chemical peels, mask therapy, and professional makeup techniques.

To become a professional Esthetician, it’s important to find a great course at a NACCAS accredited
Esthetician School. There is quite a crop of beauty schools in and around Chicago, IL; however, it is
highly recommended to select where you want to go after considering the following points

1. Esthetician course duration: The course duration of Esthetics should be no less than 750
hours,as that is required by the board to allow you to sit in the licensing exam. It is also enough
for you to learn all the basic and advanced techniques.
2. Topics of training: You should be trained to do facials by hand as well as to handle latest
machines for the latest trends and technology in the field of esthetics and skin care.
3. Business Studies: The basic know-how of business is very helpful for any professional to set up
their career, so, fid a school that offers you basic business studies.
4. Demonstration and practical: the demonstration by the instructor as well as the practical done
by the students on mannequin should start from the very first day.
5. Practicing and experience in spa: When the students are ready, they should have actual clients
to practice on at the school spa and salon, this builds up their practice and experience.
6. Campus and infrastructure: the campus and infrastructure of the school should be well
equipped to train the students in the latest technology in esthetics.
7. School Culture and atmosphere: The school culture should be harmonious and progressive, and
the environment should be friendly, positive, and productive.
8. Exhibits and networking: Beauty shows and exhibits do not only boost the confidence and bring
out the creativity in the students, but it is also a great platform for the students to develop the
PR and networking with the industry pros.
9. Licensing and job assistance: Along with providing the certification, the school should prepare
the students for licensing exams and assist them in finding good jobs.
10. Fee Structure: You should always consider schools that offer the scholarships for the program,
the burden of huge debt is the last thing you want while graduating from the school.

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